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The story of one stream in Israel through the people living along it

Trailer "Against The Flow" ,short documentary, Omer Yefman & Chen Rotem


The Earth. Water. Fire. project, initiated and run by the Galil Film Fund, aims to raise awareness of our century's main problem - global warming and the climate crisis - and the essential need for regional cooperation in the face of the threats and challenges this crisis poses for us, since the climate crisis in the Middle East doesn't recognize political or geographical borders.

Throughout human history, natural resources – earth, water, minerals, plants and animals—were an origin of bloody wars between people. By the end of the 20th century, with the changing attitude of humans to the planet and its resources, and with the realization that those resources are finite and that the biological variety is essential to life, create an opportunity for the natural resources and the need to use them optimally for all life forms.

An opportunity for treaties between enemies, an opportunity for partnerships, and opportunity for regional synergy in place of conflict and enmity.

The Project's Goals to bring together scholars and academic research, entities active in the field, and documentary filmmakers. The aim of this gathering is to establish a community of researchers and filmmakers and to create a dialogue that focuses on boundary-crossing partnerships which will engender groundbreaking, research-based documentary films which address the relationship between man and his environment.


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Our activities in 2023 will still center around the Galilee by ongoing support for environmental professionals and filmmakers. however, due to the Abraham Accords signed in 2021, in which the member states recognize the importance of peace in the world in general and in the Middle East in particular, express the believe that the way to deal with challenges is through dialogue and cooperation, and welcome and are encouraged by the progress attained through the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and its neighbors.

On May 2023, we went for one day on field trips in Jordan Valley, to deepen our knowledge and expand the perspectives which will help in the development of the research for the projects

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In November 2022, in the Peace Room at Bet Gavriel on the banks of Lake Kinneret, we held, for the first time in Israel, an international cinematic-academic workshop for researchers and documentary filmmakers from Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Jordan and the MENA states. Over the course of the workshop ten documentary projects came together, dealing with rehabilitating bodies of water, alternative energy, biological pest control, extinction and the results of global warming in our region. The workshop was the first step in a complex, long-term process which requires careful maneuvering vis-à-vis the countries in the region.

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ייעוץ וחונכות מומחים בזום 1.jpg
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The Missing Village - Bilal Moughrabi , The Palestinian Authority

Common Enemy - Omer Yefman , Israel

The Delta - Efstratios Vogiatzis , Greece

Cooperation is the only way to deal with the climate crisis

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